All craft moored on or using, for any purpose whatsoever or for whatever period, any part of the waters of the Avon including that part upstream of it's confluence with the Severn, to Alveston weirs, including all marinas, basins and backwaters, must display a current Avon Navigation Trust Licence.

Licences are registered with the craft, are not transferable from one boat to another, and remain with the boat if sold.

Please remember that your licence fee goes to help pay for the upkeep of the river and the locks and ensure that boating on the Avon safe and enjoyable.

Short Term, & Through Tolls

Licences are available for the full river from Tewkesbury to Stratford-upon-Avon. Short term excursion licences are available for 24hrs or 48hrs. Through tolls, valid for up to 7days, 14 days or 30 days are available for canoes, unpowered or powered craft.  Please see below for the Short Term Licence Fees. The licences can be purchased t days a week at Stratford Waterways Information Centre (SWIC) Bancroft Basin Stratford upon Avon during the summer months, Avon Lock Tewkesbury, or the main Office at Wyre Piddle Monday to Friday. See below table for fees


Boat Safety Scheme & Insurance

The Avon Navigation Trust requires that all boats using the river must comply with the Boat Safety Scheme. In addition, all vessels, (powered and unpowered0, must be insured against third party risk of at least £2,000,000, and include salvage cover.

Where to get your Licence

Licence charges and boat registration forms are available on the links below. You can download the relevant form, fill it in, sign it and send to the Trust's office at Wyre Piddle. Do not forget to include a copy of your current Boat Safety Certificate, and insurance.

Alternatively licences may be purchased in person from:

Tewkesbury:      Avon Lock    tel: 01684 292129
Wyre Piddle:      The Trust Office (Mondays & Fridays only)    tel: 01386 552517
Stratford Stratford Waterway Information Centre    tel; 07584 086321
     (April to October)  

Licence Fees and Application Forms

Download here:

2019 Annual Private Licence Application Form

2019 Annual Private Powered Licence Information Leaflet

2019 Annual Private Unpowered Licence Information Leaflet

2019 Residential Application Supplement

2019 General Information & Membership Leaflet

Standing Order Form: Please email to request a standing order form, or alternatively set up with your own on-line banking account.

Short term licence fees