Navigation Limits and Levels

The Lower and Upper Avon is navigable over 46 miles (74km), with 17 locks along it's course, from Tewkesbury to Alveston weir above Stratford-upon-Avon.

Map of the Lower Avon from Tewkesbury to Evesham.

Map of the Upper Avon from Evesham to above Stratford-upon-Avon.

The River Avon, has junctions with the Stratford Canal at the top of the navigation, and the River Severn at the bottom, and forms part of a navigable 'ring' that includes the Worcester and Birmingham Canal. For more information, see Links.

Maximum Recommended Craft Dimensions

Stated maximum draught is for vessels with protected sterngear. Note that minimum headroom is at normal river levels, and can be lower during periods following heavy rain.

   Lower Avon  Upper Avon
Length   70ft  (21.3m)       70ft  (21.3m)
Beam   13ft 6in  (4.1m)       12ft 6in  (3.8m)
Draught   4ft  (1.2m)       3ft  (0.9m)
Headroom   10ft  (3.0m)       8ft  (2.4m)


River Levels and Gauges

Unlike a canal, the water in a river is continually flowing, and its rate of flow and level varies. After heavy rain in the catchment area, levels can rise, and/or the rate of flow increase to a point where navigation can be hazardous.

The Trust has installed water level gauges at every lock designed to indicate the water level in each stretch of the river and help you gauge whether it is safe to proceed. Check the water level against the colours on the gauge, and compare it with the advice on the sign.

RED         Danger - stop and moor your boat.

ORANGE   Increased current, proceed with caution.

GREEN     Normal navigable level.

The Trust has also set up River watch, which is a network of web cams and links to the EA river gauges that can be viewed through our web site on your PC or smart phone. Please view this on our River Watch Page link here.