Rules and Bylaws

Rights of Way

In common with maritime convention, the rule is to pass port to port. You should give way to commercial, cargo carrying vessels and maintenance craft, and they should be given priority at locks. If your vessel is large or difficult to manoeuvre, please give one long blast on your horn when negotiating a sharp or blind bend in the river to warn other river users you are approaching.


The maximum speed limit on the Avon is, maximum speed limit is 4mph upstream and 6mph downstream (measured over the river bed). Please slow down when approaching bridges, locks, blind corners, and narrow sections of the river, or when passing close by moored craft.


The wash produced by a boat not only depends upon it's speed, but also it's hull form and how it is laden. Excessive wash from boats damages and erodes the riverbank. If your vessel is producing a large wash, please slow down.


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